25 Things, (or, What I Learned From Going Through 13 States In 11 Days With 5 Kids And My Husband)

Actually, it was 9 different states, but we had to cross back and forth into them multiple times because of wildfires, construction, and flooding. Either way you look at it, it was an adventure. A grand adventure. One that has changed our family for the better, and one that certainly changed me. So here it is, a list of what I learned while we were gone, or maybe I should say, what I learned on the way home.

  1. Everything I need to be happy fits in my minivan.
  2. People are far more important than things, even nice things.
  3. You need far less things than you think you do.
  4. A good nights sleep and a hearty breakfast should never be taken for granted.
  5. Singing at the top of your lungs with your children when you want silence is much better than being silent and hearing them whine.
  6. Fresh fruits and vegetables are an invaluable luxury.
  7. What I have thought of as tortillas for 34 years, are in fact, not true tortillas.
  8. Real, handmade tortillas are amazing.
  9. Everywhere you go, there are people who will show you what kindness means.
  10. Trust your gut when you think you are somewhere you don’t belong.
  11. If you can’t maintain your own peace, you can’t expect your children to do so.
  12. Talking to your husband for hours on end, while going 80 miles and hour, is a great way to reconnect and see the heart of this man that you have married.
  13. Living in a city where you know people and are known by people is a blessing.
  14. Just because something was broken a long time ago, doesn’t mean that it still is.
  15. Sometimes the only way to experience life is to dive right in and give it everything you have.
  16. Life is better with a partner who has your back.
  17. Everything costs more than you think it will.
  18. There is a time to take pictures, and a time to let yourself live in the moment.
  19. A lot of landmarks would have less tragic names if the settlers had GPS.
  20. Everyone has a story to tell. When they choose to tell their story to you, they are giving you a gift that money can’t buy. But you only get to keep that gift if you truly listen.
  21. The world is a far more beautiful place than you can imagine.
  22. Everything can change in a second.
  23. If you are doing things to just pass the time, you are missing out on greatness.
  24. There is no substitute for a clean bathroom.
  25. It is completely possible to fall in love with your children and husband deeper than you are right now.

2 thoughts on “25 Things, (or, What I Learned From Going Through 13 States In 11 Days With 5 Kids And My Husband)

  1. You made it!! So very happy you guys had a great trip. The memories you made will be forever written in your childrens hearts. What a blessing to have the ability and the fortitude to go. I’m glad you went with an open heart, all of you. Stay connected. Keep doing and going. Time passes fast, enjoy this time your in now. Love you.

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