So This Is Love….

The sunlight is trying desperately to break through the clouds on this cool spring morning. The pale cream colored curtains that line our window are still, but glowing with the arrival of a new day. Beyond them, the trees that surround our house are swaying in a magnificent dance, to the almost unheard rhythm of the wind. Birds are singing, a winged choir, turning earth into the grandest of cathedrals.

We are home. You are with me. In this moment, I have everything I need. Our children’s voices rise and fall in excitement over what the day holds, and everything in me joins them. It is Saturday, but not just any Saturday. Today is Easter Egg Hunt Day, but it is also our anniversary. In two hours we will be witnesses to a fine frenzy of children swarming the green covered hills, happy little bumble bees in search of colored dots of nectar. Their little faces alighting with each new egg they acquire, then quickly settling back into determination as they search for the next prize. Later, there will be joyful exclamations at what they have been given, as they open each egg, and see all their treasure of the day pile up, filling the hollow of their brightly decorated baskets.

It is fitting then, that today should mark the day that we stood up, in front of friends and family and vowed to love no other. That today is the day we are purposeful in our remembering the details of our coming together as man and wife, and saying that the hunt is over, we have found what we are looking for. Knowing the greenness of our own grass, and trusting that we have what we were meant to have.

We have spent the last 11 years opening ourselves to each other. Revealing our joy and pain, our hurts and our deepest truths. We have talked and talked until our dreams spill out of us like a secret geyser. We have stayed awake, laughing together in the night, like schoolgirls at a slumber party. We have experienced the joy of holding little babies so new to the earth, knowing that we brought them here. We have fought for this, trudged through the mud and muck of our pasts to make this different.  We have loved enough to change a million small things for each other. We have wept on each other in a sea of grief, clinging to the lifeboat of the other’s arms. We have walked in the sun together and let it dry the rain. We have danced. We have sung. We have continued to do what it takes to build each other into a place that we know as Forever.

Today, we will remember how my Uncle Charlie played Erykah Badu instead of Etta James at our wedding, how we met barefoot at the alter to John Denver, and how we howled with laughter in our hotel at the astounding amount of birdseed that made it’s way into our garments. We will reflect on how we met, and what it felt like to see your destiny for the first time. We will laugh at our younger selves, and invite them along to witness the completeness of  this thing that we have built. And we will remember to look into the basket of our lives and truly appreciate the ways its emptiness has been filled by each other.

Because sometimes Home is another person. Today I celebrate that my heart has found it’s home, in you.


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