To All The Moms…. ( a love letter of sorts)

Dear Moms,

You rock. I could say it in a more flowery way, and I’m about to, but the bottom line is, you rock. And just in case you have somewhere along the way lost sight of how much what you do matters, let me remind you.

The world could literally not keep going without you. Human life would fail to exist. You are that important. You are a warrior. Of the best and most fierce tribe. Tribe Mommy. Whether it is written on your face in Ulta war paint, or only on your heart, you are a warrior. You are brave. You are strong. You can do this. You are already doing this.

You have the courage to give your heart away, asking nothing in return. You are fearless in love. You do not tremble at monsters under beds and in closets. You are the light bringer. The one who summons courage in the middle of the night to flick on the light switch and banish terror from sleepy eyes, and hearts, and minds.

You are the singer of lullabyes. The calming force at night. The giver of sippy cups and life. The finder of shoes and binkies, blankets, and favorite stuffies. You are the knower of favorites. The all-seeing eye.

You are the teacher of right. The corrector of wrongs. You are the standard of Woman for your daughters and sons. You set not only the tone for your house, but the pulse as well. You are the heartbeat and breath of your home.

No one will ever know your children like you do. In all the world, no one could ever love your children like you. You are Mom. You are more than you remember, more than your children and partner know.

You are the keeper of your children’s secrets. The guardian of trusting hearts. You are the soldier charged with protecting all that is sacred and right with those new to the earth. Your parenting is the fire that will refine your children and sweep the dross of foolishness away so that they are left with what is pure, and good, and golden.

You are the wiper of tears. The encourager of hearts. You are the builder of dreams and a foundation that will keep. You are the first safe place your children will ever know. You. You are home. No matter what address they hold.

Mommies are forever. Mommies are for keeps. On good days and bad, you are a part of something bigger than you alone could ever be. You are changing the face of the world with every selfless thing you do. You are underpaid, under appreciated, under rested, but not under loved. You are Mom. And life is good.


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