My First…

So, this is it. My very first blog. Cue deep breathing….
Why am I doing this? Sending out my private thoughts into the very public world of the internet? Because I write. Because I read. Because I breathe.
I know how it feels to read a shared post on facebook and feel like someone you have never met actually understands you. That you are not alone. That we are all a part of something bigger than ourselves. And also, I don’t want to forget. I have a life worth remembering. We all do, don’t we? And someday, I won’t be here to tell my children all the ways they have changed and challenged me. How they have made every moment better, just by being in it. How they have broken and rebuilt me into something better than I was before. How our life is not only more than I had as a child, but more than I knew was possible. I want them to remember “us”. How we are as a family. How they were when they were young. And, I want them to know me. The real me. Not just the me who helps with homework and cooks dinner every night. But, me. Not for what I do, but for who I am.
I think this is my chance. So I’m taking it.


6 thoughts on “My First…

  1. You are the perfect person to have a blog! Can’t wait for pics and stories you have to tell. Makes not getting to see you guys much easier. We can see what’s going on everyday. ( you are going to blog everyday, right?) Love,
    Love, love this……love you guys!

  2. So excited to read more. I always loved your writings. You are an amazing mom that I have the privilege of modeling after, and the best friend!

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